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Brilliant Distinctions Program


Earn. Save. Repeat!

We are proud to be partnered with Allergan to allow our clients to earn rewards on treatments and products purchased in our office with the exclusive Brilliant Distinctions program.  The Brilliant Distinctions® Points Program allows you to earn points for your eligible Botox®, Juvederm® XC, Juvederm Voluma and Latisse® purchases. Your points are redeemable for savings on future treatments as well as the purchase of Latisse for longer, thicker lashes.


Brilliant Distinctions Program Features:

 • The Brilliant Distinctions Points Program allows you to earn points each time you receive a Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm XC, or Juvederm Voluma treatment.

 • Earn Points by shopping at the Brilliant Distinctions® Mall.

 • Turn points into saving on future treatments or products.

 • The more you participate in the program, the greater the rewards!

 • There will be ongoing opportunities for other valuable rewards including the ability to donate points to charity.

 • Manage your account activity online or via BD Mobile App.

 • Sign up for special offers and member-only invitations.


BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment – 200 points

Earn and deposit points each time you get a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment (as long as it has been 3 months since you last received points for a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment).

Each Botox treatment is worth the following:

• Treatments 1, 2  —  200 Points

• Treatments 3, 4, 5  —  250 Points

• Treatments 6, 7, 8  —  300 Points

• Treatments 9, 10, 11  —  350 Points

• Treatments 12+  —  400 Points


JUVÉDERM® XC treatment

Each treatment is worth the following:

• 1 Syringe  —  200 Points

• 2 Syringes  —  400 Points


Here’s how much money you can save!  Turn your points into coupons to be used at your future visits!

Points = Coupon Amount

200 = $25

300 = $35

400 = $50

500 = $65

575 = $75



Follow these 2 easy steps to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions.

CLICK HERE to get started!



Create your profile.
Please record your email and password, as you will need them every time you access the Brilliant Distinctions Program.
Click on "Finish".


Visit the Brilliant Distinctions website for additional information and to activate your FREE membership today!


*Please note that this program is not managed by Genesis Med Spa.  We simply offer it as a benefit to our clients.





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